Remote Starters

Start Your Car from the Warmth of Your Home or Office

Winters are long and cold in Maine. Wouldn’t you love to start your day getting into a car or truck that is already warmed up, rather than spending several minutes defrosting the windshield then shivering your way through the first few miles of your commute? Or on those scorchers when the thermometer hits 90 degrees, who wouldn’t rather climb into a car that’s already nice and cool?

At Traffic Jam Mobile Electronics we sell and install several models of remote starters. So instead of getting into an ice-cold or too-hot car, with just the click of a button you can start your car from inside your home or business, so when you’re ready to go, so is your car. Many remotes also offer additional levels of security, with the ability to be programmed to alert you if your car is hit or broken into.