Ignition Interlocks Prevent Drunk Drivers from Getting Behind the Wheel


Sens-O-Lock of America devices prevent impaired drivers from getting behind the wheel. The Sens-O-Lock ignition interlocks can be installed on personal vehicles, company fleet trucks or school buses. The Mandatory option is for someone convicted of drunk driving, allowing them to continue to operate a vehicle, but with the safeguard of knowing they will be unable to do so if impaired in any way by alcohol.

There is also a Voluntary model for people who don’t want to leave their safety, as well as that of others, to just their best judgement. Rather than trying to count drinks and hours elapsed to judge if you are safe to drive, the Sens-O-Lock will ensure that if you’ve had one too many, you don’t get in your car and potentially cause an accident. It’s peace of mind for you, your family and the general public.